Small and Medium Enterprises

Sparkasse Bank dd BiH tries to be the partner in business for its clients. This commitment of the bank is recognized by many clients that gave us their trust and the result is over10 thousand opened transaction accounts for the banking business.

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Products and services for SME

Product/Service Your needs and requirements Sparkasse Bank dd BiH offer
Business Finance Operations Finance investment projects, invest in equipment, business premises and other fixed capital Investment Loan
Regular business dealings with purpose of increasing your turnover and profit with the stable cashflow Loan for working capital
Restructuring the  debts at other banks Long-term loan for restructuring debts with other banks
Other types of loans Loans covered by deposit, short term loans, revolving loan up to 36 months, loan for export businesses, overdraft on charging account
Deposits Let your money work for you Standard term deposits, Accounts for non-residents, Account for special purposes, etc.
Documentary business If your business process requires, Sparkasse Bank dd BiH offers a wide range of product from the documentary business such as nostro and loro guarantees, letters of credit and documentary payment. Letters of credit, Guarantees,  Credit line for issue of performance guarantees
Payment Operations Quick and easy processing your payments with low costs, domestic and international payment KM and/or foreign currency accounts
Payment and cash withdrawal at ATMs and POS terminals worldwide - 24 million of sales points in 170 countries VISA Business Electron Card
24/7 access to your bank account, from any place in the world with internet access E-Banking