Bank Management

Chairman of the Board, Amir Softić

  • Accounting and Controlling Directorate
  • Directorate of Human Resources Management
  • Secretariat and Regulatory Compliance Directorate
  • Directorate of Marketing, Communications and Service Quality
  • Retail and Small Businesses Division

Member of the Board, Igor Bilandžija

  • Corporate Banking Division
  • Treasury Division
  • Legal Affairs Directorate

Member of the Board, Amer Hadžikadić

  • Directorate IT/ORG
  • Operations Division
  • Directorate for Security and Property Management

Member of the Board, Igor Jokić

  • Strategic Risk Management Division
  • Credit Risk Management Division
  • Directorate for Anti-Money Laundering, Operational Risks and Information Security

Supervisory Board

Gerhard Maier, President

Renate Ferlitz, Member

Christoph Schoefboeck, Member

Ismeta Čardaković, Member

Željko Šain, Member