Deposit banking

Sparkasse Bank dd BiH performs deposit banking for professional participants on the capital market.

Deposit services may use for professional participants brokerage houses/dealer houses, investment companies (mutual funds, investment funds, pension funds etc.), securities emitters, residents and non-residents, individuals and legal entities.

Sparkasse Bank dd BiH assists its clients by offering them additional services and renders to them deposit services in connection with private placement offers and additional capitalizations (through public issue and private placement).

Deposit services comprise:

  • Money transactions on account of securities traffic on secondary market;
  • Opening of earmarked accounts;
  • Safeguarding fund property;
  • Fulfillment of preconditions for subscribing for securities;
  • Opening a temporary account for depositing of payments made on account of subscription for securities;
  • Ascertaining value of the share in capital of the Fund;
  • Keeping the account of the Fund: securing money funds received on account of selling of capital share and payments into the account of the Fund;
  • Collections of revenues for the Fund and temporary payment of the funds into the account of the Fund;
  • Execution of instructions of the Company;
  • Taxes


For more information please contact our Investment Banking Department – custody transactions group:

Sparkasse Bank dd BiH
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or by telephone / e-mail:

Zamira Kolar, tel: 033-280-323, fax:033-280-243