As of December 24th 2008, Sparkasse Bank dd BiH has the license for performing securities custody businesses, issued by the Securities Committee FBiH.


Securities custody is a service we created for:

  • Legal entities and individuals
  • Residents and non-residents

Securities custody services are rendered through:

  • Local Custody, implies custody services on home market
  • Global Custody, implies custody services on foreign markets

Receive this service in only two steps:

  • Send us the necessary documentation we will inform you about
  • Sign a custody agreement with our bank

Services we offer to our clients:

  • Opening and keeping of securities accounts;
  • Proceeding according to instructions of clients regarding purchase and sale of securities;
  • Securities safekeeping;
  • Informing the client on payment of dividend and interest and on maturity of securities;
  • Collection of income from securities and funds and disposal of it according to client's disposition only;
  • Monitoring of all corporate securities-related actions;
  • Informing on general assemblies of the emitter and on securities-related rights;
  • Informing on legal changes directly or indirectly affecting the client's rights or his funds;
  • Rendering services of voting on general assemblies;
  • Authorized voting on yearly and extraordinary general assemblies of the emitter whose securities are subject to custody, and voting according to client's disposition;
  • Regular monthly reporting on the situation and on changes regarding the client's custody account.

Global advantages of using the service Keeping custody accounts:

  • Approach to foreign securities markets, transaction payment and settlement in countries of Europe, America, Asia, Africa;
  • Uniform contact for payment and settlement of securities transactions in both Bosnia Herzegovina and abroad;
  • Less administrative problems – by signing only one contract with Sparkasse Bank dd BiH; Sparkasse Bank dd BiH opens for the client accounts on foreign markets;
  • Avoidance of language barriers – all information on payments and settlements are arranged in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian;
  • Using all advantages of the custody network within the global bank group Erste Wien

For more information please contact our Investment Banking Department – custody transactions group:

Sparkasse Bank dd BiH
Zmaja od Bosne 7
71000 Sarajevo

or by telephone / e-mail:

Zamira Kolar, tel: 033-280-323, fax:033-280-243