SMS Info. Your 24/7 current account information.

SMS Info service will help you get insight into the available funds and changes on your current account.

SMS Info service enables you to:

  • Get informed on the changes on your current account,
  • Enquire on the status of your account, and
  • Combine a. and b. options.

Advantages of using the SMS Info service:

  • Insight into your own finances and transactions made,
  • 24/7 information on the available funds on your current account,
  • Simple and fast communications with the bank,
  • Information on new products and actions.


How does the SMS INFO service function?

Information on the changed account status is delivered by SMS every time when a change happens (receipts/withdrawals) on your current account.
To enquire about your account status, simply send an SMS reading “TRK” to 091 015 800 and get a message with information on the funds available on your account for that day. This SMS is free of charge.
Should you like to cancel receiving marketing messages, it is sufficient to send an SMS reading “ODJAVA” (cancellation) to 091 015 800. This SMS is free of charge.

For you to become a user of this service, it is sufficient to:

  • have an active current account or one of the Sparkasse Bank’s service packages,
  • have a GSM number of any of the BH providers and a mobile phone device,
  • fill out the application form and file it with the closest offices of the Bank.

For the users of the Sparkasse packages (S,M, L and VIP), information on the changes of the account via SMS is free of charge!