Internet banking for private persons and legal entities

Internet banking is certainly the simplest way of financial operations.
It enables you to pay various bills, transfer monies from one account to another, access your current account statement and turnover, without leaving your home.

Sparkasse netBanking service gives you 24/7 access to your bank account, from any place in the world with internet access (including places such as hotels, internet cafés, etc.)

Services that netBanking includes:

  • Payments in country – paying various bills, such as utilities, etc.;
  • Cross-border payments – meeting your obligations towards foreign partners, paying hotel bills, etc.;
  • Currency exchange;
  • Checking your statement of accounts;
  • Looking through your account turnover;
  • Receiving electronic account statements;
  • Reviewing daily exchange rates;
  • Receiving information on the Bank’s products and services, as well as special offers for the Bank’s clients.

How to become netBanking user:

You can become a netBanking service user in a very simple way. If you already have a current account open at the Bank, all you need is to fill the entrance form at the closest Sparkasse Bank dd BiH office.

In case you do not have current account open, it is necessary to:

  • open a current account;
  • enclose a photocopy of your ID or passport and photocopy of your place of residence form (CIPS form).

If you are a legal entity that does its payment operations through Sparkasse Bank dd BiH p.l.c., it is enough just to fill the netBanking entrance form.


Advantages of netBanking

  • Perform payments in country and abroad and exchange money electronically from your own office or home;
  • Be informed on your assets on the account at any moment;
  • Save both your time and your money by using netBanking services.