Sparkasse Bank dd BiH, with its head office in Sarajevo, has operated in Bosnia and Herzegovina since 1999 and is a member of the Austrian Steiermärkische Sparkasse group.
Our team has almost 471 employees.
We offer all kinds of conventional and modern banking including financial services of S-Leasing.
We operate through a business network of 43 branches all over Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Our Majority Owner

Our majority owner Steiermärkische Bank und Sparkassen AG from Austria has majority ownership in banks and leasing companies in several countries of former Yugoslavia. Steiermärkische Sparkasse concern is a leading bank group in the south of Austria.


Long-term growth and development provided by satisfied employees and loyal clients. Our objective is to continue developing according to the savings banks group standards into a modern retail-bank with a country-wide coverage, and be among the leading banks in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Our Vision 
To become one of the strongest banks in the country using business tools based on the best banking practices.

Our Mission 
Sparkasse Bank dd BiH cares about the success of our clients:

  • with constant improvements of its offers
  • competently
  • with tailor-made solutions
  • with a long-term perspective.

Our Guidelines

We take responsibility 
We see the success of our clients, employees and contribution to the society as our responsibility.

Reliability creates friendships
We respect business ethics. Partnership with our clients and employees is the key of their loyalty.

Collaboration with a complete trust 
We communicate openly and honestly. We always keep our promise.

Security with assurance 
To protect clients and employees is our tenet. And for that we use all available tools.

Tailor-made solutions 
There are no universal solutions – each of our clients has the right to an offer made just for them. Therefore, we give them our attention, time and commitment.

Courage as a chance 
Our team is governed by the principles of self-initiative, accepting new ideas and taking on challenges, as well as ambition to achieve their goals.

Savings Bank – A Business Model for Employee, Client and Shareholder Safety

We are guided by the model that our parent company Steiermäerkische Sparkasse from Austria uses the most stable savings banks model for the past 190 years which consists of:

  • Savings Bank model in place of Investment Banking – focus is on transactions with population, i.e.
    small and medium businesses, where credits are refinanced from savings deposits that the bank
    collects, with risk dispersed on a great number of clients therefore kept at a minimum
  • Conservative approach to investments – investments in securities are conducted with caution with
    focus on safety, even at cost of the profit
  • Joint responsibility of Austrian saving banks group for 100% of all deposits (“Haftungsverbund“)
    – Erste Bank and almost 50 Austrian savings banks are jointly responsible for savings deposits and
    form a unique risk community.